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Time Off Requests

The Monroe County Community School Corporation has partnered with the company True Time as a Time Management System. Employees access True Time through Skyward Employee Access.

Instructional guides on using True Time and other aspects of Skyward Employee Access can be found in the MCCSC Help Desk Guide, or click this link.



    MCCSC is transitioning to the use of an electronic tracking system called True Time. In order for True Time to work to its fullest potential, the following guidelines need to be followed. Your cooperation and compliance with these guidelines is expected and appreciated. Be sure to see your immediate supervisor if you have questions as True Time is implemented in your department.

    Official Time of Record

    The time management system will become the official basis for recording time worked. In order to ensure consistent treatment of all employees, the data recorded in True Time will be the "official" record of the workday. Any disputes over actual time worked will be resolved by referring to the True Time records. All non-exempt (hourly) employees must participate in True Time. Progressive discipline will be followed for failure to comply.

    Employees Time Reports

    The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that employers keep records of time worked. True Time will generate a more accurate and reliable record of time worked and leave taken during the reporting periods. The automated time reports must reflect all regular and extra duty hours worked for the period. Adjustments to hours and leave must be posted weekly by the supervisor to avoid errors and omissions that may occur if these adjustments are posted at the end of the payroll period.

    TimeClock Locations

    Timeclocks for True Time are located throughout the Corporation and in every school building. Supervisors can share specific locations within the school building. Employees also have the ability to clock in/out on designated work stations throughout the school corporation.

    Daily Clock In/Out Requirements

    It is a job requirement that all employees using True Time must "clock in" at the start of the workday/shift and "clock out" at the end of the workday/shift at their place of work.

    • Employees must clock in/out for lunch breaks. To clock out for lunch break, employees will select the option break and upon returning from lunch break, employees will select the option CLOCK IN.

    • Clock in/out times will no longer be rounded but will respresent “true time”.

    • Employees may be disciplined by their building administrator if they do not clock in/out when on the job.

    • Employees may be disciplined by their building administrator if a pattern of "missed" clock ins/outs is


    • Employees must report missed clock ins/outs to their supervisor immediately.

      Unreported Hours

      Intentional or careless working off the clock is prohibited. Employees are required to clock in/out before performing any work. Employees are not permitted to clock out before actually stopping work. Forgetting to clock in/out is not a legitimate reason for working off the clock. Employees are required to clock in before

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    performing any work and are not permitted to clock out until all work has stopped. Employees who underreport or fail to report hours worked may be subject to disciplinary action.

    Any time spent working while not clocked in (a.k.a. "working off the clock") is strictly prohibited. Examples of working off the clock include the following:

    • Forgetting to clock in/out

    • Continuing to work at the end of regular working hours

    • Taking work home to complete after regular work hours

    • Checking, reading or reviewing work related emails after regular work hours

    • Answering phone calls, emails or attending to school/business matters after regular work hours

      When employees clock in/out, they are responsible for starting and ending work. Personal matters or simply not working while clocked in is considered "riding the clock" and may be grounds for disciplinary action.

      Multiple Job Codes

      Some employees may have multiple job codes. If employees are paid from multiple funding sources or have more than one position in the Corporation, they will be assigned a separate job code for each hourly paid position. It is the responsibility of employees to ensure they are clocking in/out on the correct code at all times.

      Failure to clock in/out correctly on multiple job codes may result in disciplinary action. Supervisors must be contacted immediately regarding specific questions regarding job codes.

      Falsification, Tampering and Unauthorized Viewing

      Due to the severity of the infractions below, there will be immediate discipline enforced up to and including termination for the following:

    • Tampering with timekeeping hardware or software

    • Clocking in/out for an absent or late employee

    • Interfering with other employees' use of the True Time system

      Clock Problems

      If employees are unable to clock in/out because of a time clock malfunction or accidental oversight, it is the responsibility of the employees to immediately inform the supervisor. In this situation, the time will be manually entered.

      Lunch Breaks

      All employees who are eligible for lunch breaks are required to clock in/out and use this time as non-work related period unless the same day is shortened by a corresponding length of time. This type of arrangement needs prior approval of the supervisor.


      Employees must notify the supervisor regarding any exceptions to clock in/out each day.

      Time-Off Requests

      All requests for personal and vacation time must be submitted in advance to supervisors using the Time Off feature in True Time during the week it is being used. Use of vacation request requires three days prior notice and use of personal business requires two days prior notice.

      Employees using sick time for a partial day, they must contact their supervisor and enter it in time off before they leave for the day. Employees using sick time for an entire day(s), they must contact their supervisor who will then enter the time in True Time.