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Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency

Indiana Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency

The Indiana Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency (CoMP) is an award on a student's transcript showing that the student has attained a high level of proficiency sufficient for meaningful use in college and a career in one or more languages besides English.


For High School Students

High school students at any grade level may take an approved language assessment.

Languages Available for Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency 
MCCSC Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency Flyer



  • Offers external motivation and validation for efforts.
  • College and workforce readiness.
  • Academic validation of student's home language.
  • Offers up to 6 World Language credits.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Earn six credits in a single world language through coursework.
  • Pass an approved external world language assessment at an Intermediate-High level of proficiency. (No testing fee for participating high school students) 
  • Earn at least eight credits in English Language Arts.
  • Pass the English Language Arts assessment required for graduation or achieve a 5.0 or higher on WIDA ACCESS for English learners.


How To Start

High school students who wish to pursue the certificate may submit the participation form below for each language chosen for the certification and meet the eligibility requirements. The school will notify the students about the language assessment and the next steps.

Submit Participation Form 


Language Assessment Information


The minimum requirement is a score of 4 or 5 with a full test. 


The minimum requirement is the Intermediate-High level (6) in all language domains. No averaging of scores is permitted.





The minimum requirement is ILR Scale – 1+ in all language domains, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. 

Preparing for Your Test 



The minimum requirement is Intermediate Plus/Advanced with a full interview.

*For questions, please get in touch with your school counselor.