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Student Technology Devices

All MCCSC students in grades K-12 receive a school issued device for use with digital curriculum resources and as a learning tool for use throughout the day. Devices issued to students in grades K-5 remain at school each day while students in grades 7-12 take their devices home for use off campus. Some grade 6 students also take devices home. In the event of a school designated contingency learning plan that includes elearning days, students in grades 3-12 will take devices home. Parents of students in Grades K-2 may request for their student to take the school device home if the day is known in advance of the closure.

MCCSC does not promote a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning environment as many of our resources are device and platform specific. At the high school level, we do allow students to bring their own devices, however, those devices are limited to the Guest wireless network at the school.


For more information on how these devices are used in the learning environment, we encourage you to contact your student's teacher(s).