• New to MCCSC Online Enrollment Procedures (New students K-12)

    The following procedures are for new students to enroll at the school serving their residential district. Review the District Boundary Map to determine which school your student will attend.  If you are unsure of the school, call the Administration Office at 812-330-7700 or the Transportation Office at 812-330-7719 for assistance. New student enrollment can be completed online or at the individual school offices. To find contact information for your school: School Contacts
    Grade Level assignment: Kindergarten - Children must be five years old on or before August 1st to enroll in kindergarten.  Parents should contact the principal to request an early enrollment waiver for children who will be five years old between August 2nd and August 31st.  Pre-enrollment for kindergarten begins in February each year. First Grade - children who have successfully completed a kindergarten program and/or have attained the age of six years old on or before August 1st will be enrolled in first grade.  Children who turn six years old between August 2nd and August 31st of the enrollment year and have not attended an organized kindergarten program may appeal for consideration of early enrollment. Grades 2-12 - Determined by previous school experiences as verified by school records.  Home School students are typically assigned to age-appropriate grade.


     Current Student (Grades 1-12) Online Registration

    This NEW online registration process provides a more convenient way for parents to fill out this information. It confirms emergency contacts, military opt-in, allergies, etc. and eliminates this step upon the return to school. Moving schools? It's ok. Your online registration follows your child when they transfer between schools. If you currently have students enrolled in the MCCSC Skyward system (grades 1-12), online registration is open until August 20th. Simply use your Skyward Family Access login information at www.mccsc.edu/skyward to access the new online registration packet. If you have forgotten your password, select the “Forgot your Login/Password” link below the “Sign In” button and you will be prompted with reset instructions. Skyward Family Access is connected to the email address provided upon initial enrollment. If you do not have access to that information, you can obtain it by visiting the front office. For more information about the documentation required for enrollment please visit www.mccsc.edu/enrollment. Please contact help@mccsc.edu if you have any questions during the online registration process or ask us a question in the comments. We strongly encourage all families to complete registration online. School offices have workstations available for you to complete registration onsite. Follow the steps in this parent guide for additional guidance. Note: If you find your school listing during registration to be incorrect, please STOP and contact your correct school to avoid having your online regisration e-delivered to the wrong school.

    Current Student Enrollment





    Required Documents

    • Original or certified copy of birth certificate [passport may also be used to verify date of birth]
    • Immunization Record (Official vaccination record that clearly shows dates)
    • Two items to verify home address (e.g. rental contract, utility bill, local driver’s license, credit card, bank account, that show name and current address)
    • Verification of custody, if applicable
    • School Record from the school last attended (Most recent report card from the previous school)
    • If high school student, copy of transcript from previous school