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ENrich Tutoring Program

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The ENrich tutoring program is an extended English learning opportunity for English learners in K-6 at MCCSC. The tutors in the program are Indiana University undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education. The ENrich program will connect MCCSC English learners with Indiana University School of Education service-learning students.

The ENrich tutoring program is available for English learners in MCCSC through a service-learning partnership with the IU Service-Learning Program and the School of Education. We are very honored and excited to work with all the service-learning tutors who may soon be educators in the field. We are committed to our student's safety, extended English learning, meaningful cultural exchange, and positive service-learning experience through this extraordinary service-learning partnership of which we are proud.


Key Focus Areas

  • English language enrichment
  • Academic vocabulary development
  • Cultural exchange
  • Extension of classroom learning
  • Homework help


Tutoring Session Activities

Students will work in one-on-one or small group settings with other students. Groups will engage in casual conversation, cultural exchange, and complete tutor-led activities. Students will be able to request homework help if needed.


Student Registration

Registration is based on the English learning needs of students, and the ENL teacher's recommendation is required. The ENL teacher at each school will be inviting families. Families who want their students to participate in the ENrich tutoring program must complete the following requirements.

  1. Complete the ENrich Tutoring Student Registration Form
  2. Agree to the ENrich Family Code of Conduct


Requirements for Tutors

  1. MCCSC ELL Volunteer Application Form
  2. ENrich Tutor Work Schedule Request Form
  3. Criminal History Background Check
  4. Tutor Code of Ethics Form
  5. Photo Release Form
  6. Training for Tutors


ENrich Tutoring Program Information (School Year 2023-2024)