How are bus stops determined?

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In determining school bus routes and school bus stop locations, the following shall be used by MCCSC to the best extent possible:

  • Safety first! 
  • Student eligibility for transportation.
  • The distance to the bus stop is less than one-half mile from the student’s home address.
  • Combined bus stops for two or more families living in proximity.
  • Use of public highways and not private roadways.
  • At least 300 feet of visibility at the bus stop.
  • Ease and safety of loading/unloading the bus.
  • No stopping on a 4-lane roadway that would require a student to cross the road.
  • Leaving the main roadway where visibility is limited, or the bus must cross the center line.
  • Avoiding cul-de-sacs or dead-end roadways where buses can’t turn around safely.
  • Any other state regulations and safety practices.