Serving ALL Students at the MCCSC

Posted by Tim Pritchett-Public Relations and Information Officer at 4/15/2016 9:00:00 AM

We have received several recent questions regarding some misinformation about bathroom labeling in our schools. The MCCSC serves ALL students. In serving ALL, student emotional and physical safety is central to every decision we make. In recent years, as a corporation, we have expanded our direct engagement with our students identifying as LGBTQ+. We have done so to ensure that this often marginalized group of students feels welcome and safe in our schools. These students have worked with administrators, teachers, and their peers to educate others on the ways to respectfully talk about individual student identity, gender, and sexual orientation.Sign

Within this context, a pressing issue not only in schools but in all public facilities, is providing access to gender non-specific restrooms. Schools across the nation are in the news every day working to address this civil rights issue. During the past school year, the administration at MCCSC high schools have started to identify restroom facilities throughout their building as gender neutral restrooms. An early version of our signage at some of the high schools including a “Family” restroom symbol caused some confusion for students.

Pictures of this signage are still circulating in the community, but that signage is no longer present in our buildings. The restrooms are now clearly labeled, located in accessible locations, and available to any student. The agreed upon signage that worked for ALL students matches a sign you may find in a public library or a government building. The sign includes the universally recognized symbols denoting a restroom facility. Each comprehensive high school includes four such restrooms. All of the existing gender-specific multi-stall restrooms still exist in the facilities in their easily accessible locations for students. Parents with specific questions about access to these facilities or their locations in the building can speak with the building principal. Other questions can be directed to MCCSC Public Relations and Information Officer, Tim Pritchett, at