The MCCSC School Assistance Fund

Posted by Timothy Pritchett at 12/7/2015 1:00:00 PM

UWMC Many are unaware that the MCCSC Student Services department operates a 501(c)3 United Way member agency non-profit organization, the School Assistance Fund. Social workers from throughout the school corporation are able to tap into the fund and the supplies collected by the department to help students in a variety of ways extending beyond the classroom and the school day. Specifically, the School Assistance Fund provides clothing, dental, eye, and emergency medical care for students who need assistance to function in school. Throughout the year, individuals may contact a specific school or the MCCSC administration seeking a way to help students in need. By directing them to the School Assistance Fund, we are able to pool resources providing school supplies, financial assistance, clothing and more for our students in need. To find out more about the fund or to make a donation to its efforts, you may contact Becky Rose, Director of Student Services, at (812) 330-7700 or

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