MCCSC Engage, Bus Tracking App, and other Digital News

Posted by Timothy Pritchett at 8/10/2015

Last week we launched the MCCSC Engage Mobile App to the Bloomington community. Smartphone users now have fingertip access to events, news, notifications, lunch menus, and more through our new app. Within minutes of announcing the launch, we already began to receive feedback on it. Some of the feedback was praise for the app. Hearing from high school students on social media that we did well with the app creation was truly useful feedback. The other piece we began to hear relates to transportation integration in the app. At last month's Board meeting, Tim Pritchett, spoke about the corporation looking into a bus tracking app such as the Here Comes the Bus app used by several corporations in the Indianapolis area. This app integrates with our existing GPS provider service to add a parent component to bus tracking. Currently, we use the GPS internally to know the location of all of our buses at all times. The app would allow the parent or student waiting for a bus to know the exact whereabouts of the bus in relation to your stop. As of today, we are in negotiations with a few companies as we look to develop this app. Feedback from our parents and families led to the launch of the MCCSC Engage app, is leading to our development of a bus tracking app, and influences so many of the decisions we make. If you have a question, comment, or feedback for us, please Contact Us. We want to hear from you. Look for more information on the bus app in the coming month.