Inside Look: Summer Computer Technology Support Class

Posted by Timothy Pritchett at 6/9/2015 10:00:00 AM

computer support class 2015 marks the first summer that the MCCSC is offering a computer technology support class at both high schools. The class is a precursor to the August implementation of a 1:1 initiative in MCCSC schools. At the start of the 2015-16 academic year, all secondary level students will be issued a laptop device for use next year. Earlier this year, MCCSC Director of eLearning Strategies, Mr. Mike Watson, shared details with the community and the MCCSC Board of School Trustees on how this class fits into the corporation's model for a 1:1 initiative when the Board approved purchase of the devices. With the adoption of a high school laptop device came the need to develop a plan for device maintenance, repair, and technical support. In addressing that need, we developed a plan to offer an A+ Certification course track at the high school level. This industry-standard certificate begins with a basic software and hardware support course that will be offered at both North and South this fall. To prepare for the August implementation, however, students from both high schools were able to enroll for a summer version of the course. This week, students are unpacking, tagging, scanning, and cataloging devices according to a specific set of universal specifications at both schools. Once the cataloging is complete, students move into hands-on coursework learning about system BIOS, operating system support, and eventually hardware support before the course's conclusion in July. These students will provide technical support for their peers as the 1:1 initiative becomes a reality this fall while earning credit toward a career-building certification. If you have questions about this post or a question for MCCSC, please Contact Us.