Student Honors for band

Student Honors for Band 


2022 All-District Concert Band
(Held on November 19-20 at Bedford N Lawrence, Randy Greenwell - Conductor)
Gabriella Tamborinno-Flute
Anen Ricketts-Oboe
Cassidy Dong-Oboe
Andrew Lee-Bassoon
Helena Lehr-Clarinet
Kate Thies-Clarinet
Elvin DeBruicker-Clarinet
Jae Sweeny-Bass Clarinet
Madi Fisher-Horn
Jack Sweeny-Horn
Chris Record-Trumpet
Jack Knudsen-Trumpet
Josh Greisemer-Trumpet
Jessica Parrish-Trombone
Declan Dougan-Euphonium
Ives Huddleston-Euphonium
2022 All-District Jazz Band
(Held on November 12-13 at Whiteland HS, John Raymond - Conductor)
Elvin DeBruicker-Tenor Sax
Ace Lee-Tenor Sax
Jake Boling-Baritone Sax
Ives Huddleston-Trombone
Denson Pollard-Trumpet
Chris Record-Trumpet
Leo Messier-Bass
2023 All-State Jazz Ensemble
(January 12-13 at Ft.Wayne Grand Convention Center, Alan Baylock - Conductor)
Elvin DeBruicker-Tenor Sax
Cedric Brown-Lead Trumpet
Leo Messier-Guitar
2023 Junior All-State Jazz Ensemble
(January 12-13 at Ft. Wayne Grand Convention Center, Janis Stockhouse - Conductor)
Nick Tamborrino - Trumpet (TNMS)
Connor Lafferty - Trumpet (BMS)
Austin Randall - Bass (JCMS)
Tristan Stogdill - Drums (BMS)
Thomas Decker - Drums (BMS)
2023 All-State Orchestra
Denson Pollard - Trumpet (1st Alternate)
2023 All-State Concert Band results will be announced at the end of January.
Congratulations to ALL of these student musicians!