20-21 Yearbooks/Yard Signs

Custom Yard Signs

  • Kirkwood Photo Lab now offers yard signs to celebrate your student's graduation. They're $25 each with no minimum purchase. Contact Kirkwood Photo for more information at 812-332-4888, 5595 W. St Rd 46, Bloomington.


Yard Sign


North Yearbooks 

  • 2020 Yearbook Retrieval: Remaining 2020 Nikean Yearbooks can be retrieved by visiting North's main office during school hours. You may need to call the office upon your arrival to be admitted into the building at 812-330-7724. Are you u​nsure if you ordered a 2020 yearbook? Check at www.yearbookordercenter.com to find out!


  • Ordering the 2021 Nikean Yearbook: Visit www.yearbookordercenter.com and enter school code 3162 to preorder your 2021 Nikean Yearbook for only $60. This price will rise before long. Please know North follows a fall delivery schedule, so the 2021 book will be shipped to our school in late August 2021. This year, the publisher is offering direct domestic shipment to your home from the plant for an additional charge. Visit the above link for details. Thank you for your support!