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Family YES! Youth Leadership Opportunity

Family YES! Youth Leadership Opportunity

Indiana’s Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana (CISC) is hosting an event in October for youth to share their experiences with leaders in various systems with the goal of making changes in operations that directly impact them.  In preparation for the event, there is a youth leadership fellowship opportunity to help prepare youth to lead and facilitate the discussions.  Please find attached the flyer and role description which includes information on how youth can apply for the fellowship.

Please find information inviting youth (age 14 – 23) to apply for an opportunity, sponsored by the Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana, 2020), to be part of the development of and presentation of a Virtual Youth Summit, designed to share stories and ideas about how to improve state programs and services so that youth and families access what they need and thrive. 

The Fellowship will provide youth with the knowledge and skills needed to describe the unique strengths and challenges you and your communities face, and it will help you to ask for positive change.

As a fellow, you will play an important role in creating a better Indiana for all. At the October 23rd virtual Summit, you will talk with policy-makers and program directors about how to make positive change for you and your community.


Click here for the YES Fellowship Role Description.


Click here for the flyer.

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