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Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit

Event Title: Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit (MC3)

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 19th from 8:00am-4:15pm

Location: Monroe Convention Center: 302 South College Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47403

Registration link: 

Event Contact: Stephanie Solomon 812.335.7276

Event Description: For the last three years, Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County and Building a Thriving Compassionate Community (BTCC) have engaged approximately 200 community members annually for the Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit (MC3). Our original theme of “what surrounds us shapes us,” was grounded in the understanding that children are shaped by the relationships they have, the neighborhoods they live in, the places they learn and play, and the community organizations that serve them.  The 2019 MC3 Summit will explore conditions by focusing on equity and inclusion. Every child is our child, therefore, we share a collective interest in our children’s future. As we offer the fourth annual MC3 Summit, we aim to bring together the community to explore the challenges facing our local youth and families. We believe that many of these challenges are actually the manifestations of inequity, and as we continue to build thriving compassionate communities, we know we must zoom out from our focus on individual youth and families to the conditions that frame our lives.