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Commencement of Board District Modification Resolution

The Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) was formed in 1968 through the consolidation of Bloomington Metropolitan Schools and seven township schools. The MCCSC Board of School Trustees was formed with seven board member districts with six districts representing townships and one district being at-large. The last modification to MCCSC's seven board members occurred in 1994.


With the now certified 2020 federal decennial census information applicable to MCCSC, the MCCSC Board commits to commencing with the process of board district realignment; the Board acknowledges that a formal Board-adopted resolution to amend the district reorganization plan is required by May 2023 in order to have changes implemented before the end of 2023 and prior to 2024 elections. 


The MCCSC Board will immediately advertise for experts in the area of demography, population, and districting to assist with this process over the next four months, including the gathering of input from board members and community members in establishing the criteria that will guide the development of revising the geographical representative areas for the seven school board districts.


Resolution 2023-03 Commencement of Board District Modification Resolution


RFP – Demographic Consulting Services


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