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MCCSC Pathway to Licensure Program

MCCSC Pathway to Licensure Program

The Pathway to Licensure Program is designed to meet three goals: (1) address the ongoing shortage of qualified teachers by finding potential teachers within our community, (2) increase the diversity of teachers, and (3) increase the number of bilingual and multilingual teachers in the district.

The Pathway program will focus on many candidates who may not traditionally have had access to higher education; this includes people of color, first generation families, single parents and women, and people for which the fiscal cost of post-secondary education is too great of a barrier.
A cohort of 20-24 candidates will be selected through an application and interview process in November 2021. Classes will begin in January 2022 and will be primarily evening classes offered through Ivy Tech Community College the first four to five semesters. Students then will transfer to online evening classes at St. Mary of the Woods College to complete the teacher licensing coursework in the final semesters.  

By working closely with flexible institutions of higher education, candidates will work in MCCSC schools while pursuing their degree, while receiving receive wrap-around support and mentoring.  In approximately 3.5 years, MCCSC will have grown their own teachers steeped in district culture and practices who are deeply committed to teaching in the district for years to come.


*If you were unable to make the Informational Session, you can view the recording here