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2020 SWAGGER Award


The City of Bloomington's S.W.A.G.G.E.R. (Students Who Act Generously, Grow and Earn Respect) award criteria acknowledges children and youth who have shown commitment to a cause or taken action(s) that has improved their lives and/or the lives of others around them. MCCSC has three students that won 2020 SWAGGER Awards! Allan Eanes, 5th Grader at Binford Elementary, Tara Ganguly, and Fabian Salcedo Paez both Seniors at Bloomington High School North.



Allan Eanes forms a safe environment of honesty, trust, and respect for all youth and adults during times of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging his friends and family to follow safety measures, helping his siblings navigate virtual schooling, and maintaining a cheerful and kind demeanor at after-school programs; and with his willingness to challenge himself to try new things and think creatively. Allan has continually pushed beyond his comfort zone to offer suggestions and insights for ways to make his summer youth program more inclusive and a safe place to participate in discussions about empathy, compassion and equity. Allan's active participation in several after-school programs compels his peers to also provide thoughtful responses to programming aimed at social justice and addressing topics not traditionally covered in history books. Through his generosity, maturity, and kindness, Allan has demonstrated a path to earning respect through acts of support and helpfulness, as evidenced by the ways in which his siblings and peers look to him as a leader. 



Tara Ganguly exemplifies leadership and broadens community engagement by participating as a Youth Leader with the Monroe County Youth Council (MCYC), where she actively works to build partnerships with community organizations, forge relationships across local school boundaries, understand issues facing our community, and create change through her service and initiative; and with her commitment to civic duty. Tara has worked selflessly with the League of Women Voters to register eligible voters despite not being eligible herself, and has sought to grow citizen participation in our democratic institutions by engaging other young people in the political process. Through her deep passion for social justice, Tara has been a central agent of change in shifting MCYC's focus beyond service and leadership to additionally use their platform as youth leaders to address social justice issues like racial equality, environmental justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender disparities, as evidenced by her role in planning and facilitating MCYC's virtual event, Seeking Justice, on teens and social activism.

Fabian Salcedo Paez immigrated from Colombia midway through his sophomore year and tackled the challenge of increasing his fluency in English. He has persevered and excelled, taking a full complement of classes while working until the COVID-19 quarantine began. Fabian has demonstrated incredible kindness and leadership through his involvement with the English Language Learners program at Bloomington North High School, helping newcomers to the program navigate the complexities of the block schedule, translating assignments for them, and working with them to learn the intricacies of life in a U.S. high school, including during hybrid and online instruction. Fabian has exemplified immense personal growth in the past year and a half, and despite challenges, his enthusiasm, quick smile, and kindness to everyone make it clear he is a leader and the pandemic has not dampened his desire to help others.
Posted 11/11