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COVID-19 Information and Impact Page

MCCSC COVID-19 Information/Impact Page            

MCCSC COVID-19 Data for 2021-2022 School Year 

Indiana COIVD-19 Dashboard School Data (Click on School Tab)

MCCSC COVID-19 Monitoring and Advisory Committee - Approved Updated COVID-19 Processes Motion at the August 24. 2021 Board of School Trustees Meeting.

Reminder of how we are monitoring COVID-19: 

"The committee now advises that we focus on the number of positive cases within individual classrooms, individual schools, and the district, as the primary data source for determining when a classroom, school or the entire district may need to cancel in-person learning.  MCCSC officials will consult with the Monroe County Health Department when more than one positive COVID-19 case exists within a classroom to determine if a classroom or school should temporarily move to online learning for ten days due to each individual situation.  Data to be considered in making this decision will include:

  • The number of positive COVID-19 cases in a classroom/school building,
  • The number of close contacts to the positive individual in a classroom, school or bus,
  • The number of known close contacts outside of school with positive tests,
  • The number of individuals within households of a student/staff member that have a positive case, and
  • The number of households of students/staff members with a positive case.

 Due to the uniqueness of each situation, the committee does not recommend using definitive, numeric thresholds for determining when to close classrooms, schools or the district. 

 Alternatively, the committee recommends the following daily process:

  • Collect the data indicated above.
  • Notify families who have a child that is in close contact or in a classroom or on a bus with a person who tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Upload the number of positive COVID-19 cases by school to the Corporation website.
  • Contact the Monroe County Health Department to review situations where more than one positive case exists in a classroom.  During this review, the above information will be provided to the Monroe County Health Department to allow for a recommendation regarding the potential closure of a classroom or school.”

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