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COVID-19 Safety and Confidentiality Protocol

COVID-19 Safety and Confidentiality Protocol

At a time when COVID-19 precautions and care are so important, we wanted you to be aware of the MCCSC protocol for confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. MCCSC takes guidance from the CDC, State of Indiana Office of the Governor, Indiana Department of Education, Indiana State Department of Health and the Monroe County Health Department. Please know that this guidance may change or be updated by these agencies based upon more current information regarding COVID-19. The safety and confidentiality of our students, families and staff members remains a priority as we handle COVID-19 cases.

All students and staff are required to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to attending school or school sponsored activities. Coaches and sponsors of extra-curricular events are required to ask students if they are experiencing symptoms and keep accurate records of attendance. If an individual has recently tested positive, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has been in close contact with someone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis in the last two weeks, that individual should not report to school or school sponsored activities. The Principal should be notified immediately, and a medical provider should be contacted. Testing for COVID-19 is strongly encouraged. A medical statement is required before returning to school or school sponsored activities.

(Please see guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health: COVID-19 Screening for Parents and CoVID-19. When a student, faculty, or staff member can return to school?)


When MCCSC is informed of a positive case of COVID-19 involving students or staff, the positive individual is excluded from on-site school sponsored activities, begin online instruction, and should isolate immediately. The individual may return after 10-days from the onset of symptoms or positive test (whichever is later), fever free without fever reducing medication, and improvement of symptoms. A statement from a medical provider stating the student or staff member may return is required.

MCCSC contacts the Monroe County Department of Health (MCHD) with the name of the positive individual and those students or employees who are considered to be close contacts.

MCCSC assists the MCHD to determine close contacts of the positive individual. Close contacts are those individuals within 6-feet for 15 minutes or more, had physical contact, had direct contact with respiratory secretions of the person, lives or stayed overnight with the person.

MCCSC then notifies close contacts and the Indiana State Department of Health Contact Tracing Department who may assist the notification of close contacts, maintaining confidentiality.

Close contacts are excluded from school sponsored activities, begin online instruction and advised to quarantine for 14-days from the date of last exposure to the positive individual and are encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 test.

Communication will be sent to the families of the class(es) of the positive individual. In addition, all families of the school will be notified.

MCCSC will perform additional deep cleaning and disinfection of the areas the individual occupied.

In consultation with MCHD it will be determined whether a class or school needs to move to online learning.

If there are instances of multiple cases within a school, program, or district, MCCSC will consult with the MCHD to determine if notification of others and further actions are necessary.

Please know that we are committed to the safety and confidentiality of our students and staff as we navigate through this pandemic to provide a world class education for our students.