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Canvas Resources

Five years ago MCCSC adopted a Learning Management System called Canvas for use in all of our schools.  Canvas is an innovative learning platform that houses all of our curricular content in one easily accessible location (e.g., digital texts, supplemental resources, etc.). 

In response to parent interest and desire to be better informed on how best to use Canvas in monitoring their child’s academic progress, we have provided workshops, training videos and webinars that can be accessed on our website. The Apps button on the Families tab in the MCCSC website is a valuable place for parents to get started with any of our digital systems for students and families. Additionally, you may find links to our 2019 parent tech talk video series on navigating student digital resources by visiting  We will continue to provide tutorials and support to our families on how best to use this technology.  

If you have a question or concern regarding the use of Canvas or any other digital curriculum resource in your child’s school, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or the principal for timely assistance.



Posted 3/3