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MCCSC Lilly Endowment Teacher Creative Fellows

Congratulation to several MCCSC teachers on becoming recipients of the Lilly Endowment 2020 Teacher Creativity Fellowships! 

Indiana’s K-12 teachers, principals, media specialists and school counselors spend their days inspiring students to explore, inquire and grow. In 2020, 100 educators from across the state will nurture their own curiosity and personal development through Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowships.

Launched in 1987, the Endowment’s Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program gives Indiana’s K-12 educators working in public and private schools across the state the encouragement and financial support to renew their commitment to the education profession. 

MCCSC Fellowship recipients are:

Gregory W. Chaffin (2011)

“From Surviving to Thriving: Walking the Historical Pathway of Pride for LGBTQ Rights and Equality” — enhance knowledge of supportive cultural activities and develop a personal pathway of pride by experiencing gay- affirming communities and events in predominantly Scandinavian countries

Paul G. Rodes

“In My Son’s Footsteps: A Family Return” — travel to Inner Mongolia to explore the beginnings of their family adoption and the place where their son was found; meet the coordinator of his foster program and the birth grandmother who cared for him in her home until he was adopted at 14 months

Juliana R. Crespo

“A Journey to Explore Identity and Creative Writing” — rediscover Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Portuguese language immersion and gather with other writers at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference to apply new experiences and knowledge to written work

Amanda M. Figolah

“Reawakening Wanderlust: Seeking Solace in the Wild” — develop self-reliance in nature through a solo backpacking trip through the sacred landscapes of California

Catharine A. Rademacher (2002)

“Walk to Emmaus: A Semi-Centennial’s Biblical Journey for Inner Peace” — journey through the Holy Land to study and meditate on biblical scripture with visits to neighboring areas, including Petra and the Dead Sea

Kathryn R. Reeves

“Beyond the Blog” — focus on writing and blogging about kindness and confidence in women while immersed in Spanish culture and language

Jessica M. Courtney

“Crafting an Adventure” — explore beyond the Mississippi River and sketch landscapes found in national parks while traversing the United States in a recreational vehicle

Rise M. Reinier

“Experiencing Biological and Cultural Diversity” — experience a different culture by travelling the Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland coastal area, including Fraser Island, all while documenting the journey through a journal

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Posted 2/5