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MCCSC Principals Participate in Chinese Bridge Delegation

Becky Mungle, Principal of Templeton Elementary, and Glen Hopkins, Principal of University Elementary, visited schools in China as part of the Chinese Bridge Delegation between October 20-29, 2019.  The Chinese Bridge Delegation was a collection of over 200 educators from across the United States coming together to learn about Chinese culture, traditions, and the education system.  Mrs. Mungle and Mr. Hopkins had the opportunity to visit six different schools in Chonqing, China during their visit.  These schools ranged from the primary level (elementary) to the intermediate level (secondary).  During their visit, they were able to observe classes and took time to talk with American and Chinese educators to identify similarities, differences, and ways to build relationships in order to strengthen instruction in both countries. 

Mr. Hopkins had the honor of being one of three United States administrators to take the stage to discuss the education system in America, specifically at MCCSC and University School.  Mr. Hopkins took the opportunity to share the importance of Social Emotional Learning, Professional Learning Communities, differentiation of instruction, and the importance of addressing equity across all demographics.  One important point that Mr. Hopkins shared in his presentation was that there is no finish line when working with our children in these areas.  Mr. Hopkins talked about how Social Emotional Learning, PLCs, differentiation of instruction, and equity are constantly moving.  Mr. Hopkins concluded his presentation by sharing with the American and Chinese educators what he constantly shares with the students and teachers of University School, “As good as we are, we can always get better.” 

Mrs. Mungle and Mr. Hopkins will present additional information to the MCCSC Board at an upcoming meeting.