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Bloomington High School North Home to New Drone Club

BHSN Drone Club


Bloomington High School North Home to New Drone Club


A drone club was established this year at Bloomington High School North and it was a collaboration between the science department, the administrators and a Crane staff. The club faculty sponsor is Aishat Balogun a science teacher at BHSN and the technical coach is Skyler Parrish an Engineer at NSA Crane.

Drones are becoming more popular and the club was founded on the premise that technology is not good or bad but has to be used appropriately. BHSN believes the school is the best place for students to learn and practice the appropriate use of this technology in the right context under responsible guidance.

This is a hands on opportunity for students to explore STEM concepts that cannot be covered in a typical science classroom. Students design and build their own drones with emphasis on robotics concepts, mechanical and electrical systems. They will learn how to strip wires, solder materials, construct/build the drones while learning and applying concepts in various engineering fields (especially electrical & Mechanical engineering). Basic principles of electronics, chemistry and physics will also be taught including how to rewire a cable, how electric motors operate, types of batteries, circuits and how to safely maintain LiPo batteries.

The students will be taught how to manipulate the drones, set up the frequency (must fly under 400 feet in accordance to FAA regulations) and program the drones via flight controllers. This directly relates to the coding concept which is becoming a crucial part of the education curriculum in Indiana but the focus will be on hardware manipulation. 

Focus & Purpose for the Club

  • Since it is still a new technology it provides some students the opportunity to handle an equipment they would not normally have the opportunity to work with.
  • Community building because it is an opportunity for students who would not normally interact do so based on their common interest which should contribute to a better school environment.
  • The students and parents because it will expose the students to other careers that may interest them and pave way for more future career opportunities. It also provides some students an avenue to bring previous knowledge from their outside life and teach other students what they know.
  • The school community because it deepens the educational relationship between NSA Crane and MCCSC.


Posted 2/8/2018