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MCCSC Holds Day of Professional Learning

Exploring the Cultural Proficiency Continuum in Small Groups

Breakout Session Exploring the Cultural Proficiency Continuum


MCCSC Holds Day of Professional Learning


On November 6th, while our schools were used for election polling sites and our students are not in school, we held a day of professional learning at Bloomington High School North focused on curriculum and resource adoption. The day was aligned with our five district academic priorities: engagement, attendance, core instruction & fidelity, intervention/enrichment, and high-quality professional development. We offered a variety of professional learning opportunities delivered through participant choice breakout sessions, vendor fair, a keynote session, and school team time.


Professional Learning Check-In

Professional Learning Check-In


The day started with the four breakout sessions with a break at lunch for the vendor fair. Breakout session topics included Youth Employability Skills, the 4th-grade Maker Challenge, and four two-part rooms for Question, Persuade, Refer: QPR Suicide Prevention Training for Grades 5-8. There were over 175 total sessions, and 13 of those sessions were on social and emotional learning.


Sparks 4th Grade Maker Challenge

MCCSC STEM and Computer Science Coach Katy Sparks Explaining the 4th Grade Maker Challenge


Rose Suicide Prevention

MCCSC Director of Student Services Becky Rose During her Suicide Prevention Breakout Session


Andrea Morris teaching about Zones of Regulations

Andrea Morris teaching about the Zones of Regulation


Our keynote speaker Dr. Lori DeSautels, Assistant Professor at Butler University, delivered an inspiring message to an engaged audience about how we as educators play such an important role in helping our kids and each other through strategies to regulate the brain. "Our basic needs are not food and water - it's attachment. Everyone needs that person they can connect with." said Dr. DeSautels.


Dr DeSautels Keynote

Dr. DeSautels Delivering her Keynote Message


The professional learning day ended with a time designated for each school to have their own reflection and discussion with peers.


Posted 11/7/2018