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Standing Room Only at Our Community Conversation

COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: How does this legislative session impact public education?
The MCCSC Board of School Trustees held a Community Conversation on Tuesday, February 7th that was attended by over 100 community members including each board member. The event was emceed by MCCSC Board Member Keith Klein.


The panelists included:

State Rep. Matt Pierce — Indiana House of Representatives, 61st District.


State Sen. Mark Stoops — Indiana Senate, 40th District.


Brian Smith — Executive Director of the Indiana School Board Association.


Terrence Mason — Dean, Indiana University School of Education.


Sandy Steele — Indiana State Teachers Association, Uniserv Director Area 18.


Paul Farmer — President of the Monroe County Education Association.


Tim Thrasher — Director of Business Operations at MCCSC.


Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer — Monroe County chair, Indiana Coalition for Public Education.

Each panelist gave their own thoughts on pieces of legislation most important to them and how those pieces might affect MCCSC and public education as a whole. Audience were asked to fill out question cards for the panelists to discuss. If you missed the event, please visit the recorded video on the Community Access Television Service website.
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