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BHSN Student Council and GSA win award for AIDS Assistance

CAAP Recognization  
BHSN Student Council and GSA win award for AIDS Assistance
Due to Bloomington North's longtime commitment to Positive Link and helping families living with HIV and AIDS, the Student Council and United Students received an award on November 30th, 2016 in the Fountain Square Ballroom.  In the past five years, members of the North community have collected over four TONS of food and household items. and sponsored numerous families in providing holiday gifts.

Background of Award
Celia Busch was the founder of the non-profit organization I Wish, Inc, which provided grants to people living with HIV/AIDS.  Celia was well known for her efforts to enhance the lives of those affected by the disease.  The Celia Busch Award has been established by the Community AIDS Action Group (CAAG) of South Central Indiana.  Each year, the award recognizes a person or group who displays characteristics similar to Celia by making a difference in the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS.
This award recognizes the hard work and commitment of a person or group who contributes to the benefit of those living with HIV/AIDS in South Central Indiana.  The recipient of the award will be a person that consistently shows compassion, concern, empathy, understanding, advocacy and commitment for individuals that have been affected by the disease.
Presenting of the Award
The selection committee, made up of CAAG members, reviewed all nominations and determined the award recipient for this year.  The award was presented at the World AIDS Day Remembrance Celebration on November 30th at the Fountain Square Ballroom in Bloomington, Indiana.