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Third MCCSC School Recognized by the IDOE as Promising Practice School

Promising Practice
Indiana Department of Education Recognizes Bloomington High School South as a School of Promising Practice
Bloomington South — Bloomington High School South has been recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as a school of Promising Practice in the areas of Plus Time, PACE and PLC Teams.  Bloomington High School South’s Promising Practice is one of 200 education or wrap-around service programs to be recognized by the Department in honor of Indiana’s bicentennial celebration.
Identified programs, like Bloomington High School South, are student-centered and focus on positively impacting students through innovative programming and activities that provide a high-quality learning environment and experience.  Bloomington High School South’s (Plus Time, PACE and PLC Teams) Promising Practice will be shared with educators across the state of Indiana as an example of best practices that are having a positive impact on Hoosier students.
Grandview Elementary — Grandview started with small, isolated STEM projects and experiences and quickly grew into an interdisciplinary STEM learning environment. These learning opportunities gave students a chance to collaborate and problem solve in nontraditional ways. Teachers included writing prompts and reflections about these experiences, but soon discovered that the students were engaged and excited about STEM, prompting them to plan more.
Grade-level teams met to create four interdisciplinary units that centered on a science standard. The teams tied in reading, writing, math, social studies, and technology standards. They displayed their interdisciplinary units in web-form, showcasing the way that all of the standards could be tied together.
Highland Park Elementary —  Highland Park's Promising Practice extended learning during scheduled breaks in the school year. Families were given an opportunity to take iPads home during break days. Student iPads were loaded with applications that met a variety of learning needs within a grade level.
The iPads had applications that required internet access to run and those that did not. Families that indicated that they did not have internet accss were provided a hot spot to support student learning over the break. Students were given assignments to work on focus tasks at their level targeting their area of need.
Additional information about the Promising Practices initiative can be found on the Department’s website: