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MCCSC Students Named "Eco-Heroes"

MCCSC student were honored by the City of Bloomington on Saturday, April 23, for their essays on environmentalism. The 5th Annual Eco-Heroes contest recognized thirteen outstanding MCCSC students.
Judging was based on three criteria: creativity/originality, interpretation of theme, and technical skill/visual appeal.

The winners of each age group are as follows:

1st place: Marisa Schmidt- Summit Elementary
2nd place: Allison Fisher- Rogers Elementary
3rd place: Maxwell Castrogiovanni- Rogers Elementary
3rd place: Merlyn Rojas- Rogers Elementary

1st place: Mrs. Franklin’s Class- Clear Creek Elementary
2nd place: Julia Fensel- University Elementary
3rd place: Maria Anferova- University Elementary

1st place: Harmony School 5th-6th Grade Class
2nd place: Nikhil Patel, Kaysan Ruwayti, Ravi Wijayanto- University Elementary
3rd place: Mrs. Monroe’s Class- Templeton Elementary

1st place: Brandon Knight- Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship
2nd place: Yousuf Naderpoor- Bloomington High School South
3rd place: Mahala Mundy- - Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship
Students from Rogers and Clear Creek are seen below with Mayor Hamilton.
Rogers   Clear Creek

Eco Heroes Poster