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British Students Visit Batchelor Middle School

In 2010, the acclaimed Batchelor Middle School B-TV program worked with Indiana University to establish a rather unique partnership with Bourne Community College in England. Bourne Community College educates 150 middle-high school students at their school in the United Kingdom. 
In October 2010 at the partnership's onset, the B-TV program began skyping on a regular basis in addition to a blog site for students to communicate. This relationship led to a multitude of other opportunities including a teacher exchange in February, 2012 when two British teachers spent a week at Batchelor. That March, Batchelor teachers, and a representative from IU spent a week at the British school.
Bourne Students  
Since that time, Batchelor and Bourne students have collaborated on a video project that won a national award. Following the teacher exchange in June 2013, Mr. Jeff Rudkin and Ms. Robin Borrowski traveled with ten Batchelor students to spend a week at Bourne where students stayed with host families and attended school. The exchange continued in October 2013, when Bourne sent eleven students and two teachers to spend a week at Batchelor. 
As the program has grown, so have the opportunities. This past June, Batchelor took twenty-one students and three teachers to spend a week at Bourne. The group arrived on October 24 to spend a week with their 2015 host families before returning to Great Britain. The two schools continue to Skype on a weekly basis and have added a partnership in New Zealand as well. Their 2013 video is linked below.