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Bloomington South Pink Chain Project Expands in Third Year

pink chain Bloomington South teacher, Stephanie Benham, founded the Pink Chain Project in 2013 after learning her cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a group project, Benham wanted to orchestrate something that showed how many lives had been affected by cancer. That October, in recognition of Breast Cancer awareness month, Benham asked her students to write the name of anyone affected by cancer on a pink loop. The class decided any and all cancers were to be included, as they all have the same impact. The loops kept multiplying with the length growing and growing. The message quickly became more about the strength in numbers.

For Benham, the significance was in her students’ willingness to connect a pink piece of paper with a name around another without knowing the identity of the person or even the story of how cancer became a part of their life. Benham explains, "It was emotional at times to see a student understand that when we join together as one we become bigger and stronger." Her class project quickly became the project of many classes, MCCSC schools, staff members and even the community.
This fall, the Pink Chain Project has expanded through collaboration with Indiana University School of Public Health, IU Softball, and the Indiana University Foundation. In the coming weeks, the chain will be displayed throughout Bloomington beginning with Bloomington South on October 22. Community members can view the chain at Bloomington’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on October 24 at 8:30am at the Showers Plaza. From there, the chain travels to the Jackson Creek “Pink Out” on October 27 before its final display on Kirkwood Avenue on October 30.