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Update on the MCCSC Calendar Committee

August 3, 2015 marked the first day of the 2015-16 school year for the MCCSC. As we begin this year, a broad-based community committee is studying the school calendar to prepare a recommendation for a new multi-year calendar. Control of the final calendar recommendation is in the hands of the committee with one guideline-they are tasked with determining the best calendar for student growth, learning, and development.

In the near future, the committee and MCCSC administration will be working with the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) at Indiana University to develop a method for community feedback for the committee to collect input from our stakeholders.
The diversity of our school corporation, parent employers, and the community at large are all factors influencing a personal preference for a particular calendar. Taking these factors into consideration, the committee will make a recommendation this fall on behalf of all students and closely aligned to the educational goals, expectations, and requirements of the MCCSC and the State of Indiana.
Look for more updates on the calendar committee through our website as the school year progresses. You can view information on the last calendar committee and its recommendation at