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MCCSC Teachers Open Summer with Canvas Training

More than 325 MCCSC teachers, most of them from high school, spent the first week of the 2015 summer vacation back at school. Teachers from across the corporation met at Bloomington High School North for training on the Canvas Learning Management System that is to be implemented in all MCCSC high schools this fall. The two-day secondary training and one-day elementary level training continues through June 4.

Earlier this spring, teachers from around the MCCSC participated in an overview training on Canvas. Those teachers became the trainers for the current sessions, using their knowledge and working with colleagues to apply it to their own teaching. The adoption of an LMS adds the MCCSC, its students, its families, and its staff, to a growing group of school corporations. Mike Watson, MCCSC Director of eLearning Strategies explains the shift saying, “Canvas is our gateway to 21st century learning. We look forward to the doors it will open for our students.” For example, rather than one person telling the story of history through a purchased textbook series, a textbook becomes one of the many tools available to students and teachers to learn from the global perspectives available on a given topic through the incorporation of an LMS.

The system will be first implemented in the secondary schools in August with it phasing in for other grade levels over time. Jan Bergeson, MCCSC Director of Secondary Education comments, “The Canvas LMS makes teaching and learning easier.  Students can access content anytime, anyplace, and on any device. The LMS serves as a portal where students and teachers can be linked to many resources." For years, teachers would pull together collections of files and digital resources into teaching lessons. The LMS serves as a portal where students and teachers can be linked to those resources in one place.  

For more information on Canvas for K-12:

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Nick Hargett, Bloomington South Digital Learning Coach leading Canvas LMS training at Bloomington High School North on June 2, 2015