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28th Annual MCCSC Strings Spectacular

The String Spectacular Concert features every student string instrumentalist in the MCCSC Orchestra Program which includes 5th graders through 12th graders from all schools in the District.

2015 was the 28th annual String Spectacular featuring over 500 MCCSC students. The event was started by Jane Gouker, MCCSC Orchestra chairperson and teacher at BHSN, in the 1980's shortly after the District established the elementary portion of the program (started offering instruction to 5th and 6th graders). The orchestra program is available throughout the MCCSC system, and is open to all students 5th grade and up.

The January 8th concert featured 4 separate orchestras ranging from the beginners to the High Schools.  As a finale, all orchestras played their own version of "Ode to Joy' individually and then as a collective. Jane Gouker describes the finale stating, “It is a fabulous sound!”.