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Bloomington Artist Collaborates with Students on Tri-North Project

[ March 31, 2015 Updates]
Work is now underway on this exciting addition to the Tri-North auditorium. Students began working with Mr. Joe LaMantia the week of March 30th and plan to complete the installation by mid-April. The project is focused on the installation of 4 large "banners" on the auditorium walls. The banners are designed and created by the students under the direction of Mr. LaMantia. Check back for updates on this story and more pictures.
 Tri-North Auditotium tri north tri-north
[December, 2014]
Bloomington artist Joe LaMantia met with students and parents at Tri-North on Thursday, December 18th to begin a collaborative art project on the auditorium wall at Tri-North middle school. The project will engage students in composition and implementation of a large scale mural art project to be completed in Spring 2015.
Joe LaMantia at Tri-North