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Public Relations & Information Officer


We have retitled an existing position to Public Relations and Information Officer. We have not added a position but realigned job responsibilities to continue the work and be cost effective. There has been no additional cost to the Corporation.

Just a brief overview to assist with the big picture of public education today; Public Schools have been confronted with dwindling revenue. In addition, competition in the form of vouchers has been created by our legislators where money follows the child to public, private or charter schools. Voucher money is now diverted to other nonpublic schools. The public school funding formula has a piece called the “Complexity Index” that is a multiplier that affords school corporations with higher poverty additional revenue. This legislative session, the “Complexity Index” is at risk because suburban school corporations, that educate in some cases no children from poverty, want that money. Rather than raising the revenue for all schools our legislators are looking to give the same amount of money to all corporations. This equal funding will present great un-equalness to our children of poverty who so desperately need additional resources, opportunities, and personnel.

  • Ensuring our patrons are very aware of the excellent academic opportunities, wide range of extra-curricular programs, and dedicated staff members who educate the children attending MCCSC is a priority.

Data to communicate clearly to the public and legislators the need to maintain and grow our funding particularly for children of poverty is immediate.

  • The more our community knows about what we offer, the more likely they will be to continue to allow us to serve their children rather than going to a Charter or private school.

Also, we will continue to work with legislators to help them understand that children of poverty must have additional resources to be successful.

  • Fairview children must continue to be provided additional funding for services, staff and programs to ensure their success.
  • There is no doubt that we need revenue to continue with the staffing and resources for our children. However, please be assured that we have worked diligently to keep the total tax rate level while decreasing the referendum rate. Please note the following referendum and total tax rate graphs that follow.
  • If we continue to ensure patrons know of the great work we are doing with all children, the public will continue to support their children and the opportunities MCCSC offers. Our goal is not to increase the tax rate as indicated in following attachments.

Total Tax Rate