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Outstanding Educators of the Year Honored

The following individuals were honored on February 19 during the 2014 Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Franklin Initiative’s Outstanding Educator of the Year Awards:

  • Don Adams ‐ Bloomington High School North
  • Adam Beaver – MCCSC/Bloomington Meadows Hospital
  • Melinda Bunger ‐ Summit Elementary
  • Ann Burke ‐ The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship
  • Valerie Long ‐ Rogers Elementary
  • Becky Rose ‐ MCCSC Administration
  • Linda Scott ‐ Jackson Creek Middle School
  • Leslie Skooglund ‐ Templeton Elementary

Two Leading Light Awards were given to innovative programs that enhance the education community. Bloomington High School South’s Neil Rapp and the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club along with Bloomington High School South’s Panther Activity Club were recipients.