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MCCSC Meets with Newly Formed Diversity Advisory Team

 MCCSC Meets with Newly Formed Diversity Advisory Team
As part of the ongoing effort to continue building culturally responsive schools, the MCCSC Cultural Responsivity District Leadership Team (CRDLT) met with the newly formed Diversity Advisory Team (DAT).  This is a solution-focused team that works collaboratively with MCCSC as we continue our efforts to ensure that our schools are welcoming and inclusive learning environments for all students, families, and staff.
The March 1st meeting was the first meeting with both groups discussing the following topics:
- The Leadership Team took input from the Advisory Team on what MCCSC should know about their children and our community.
- How can we improve the welcoming and welcome school environments for all students and families?
- How can we improve communication?
- Who have we left out?
The collaboration between the Leadership and Advisory Teams will take place monthly as it continues to form.