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MCCSC Adult Education Announces COVID Precautions

MCCSC Adult Education Director Robert Moore has announced precautions that will be taken in the adult education program as the 2020-2021 school year begins.

"Of course, these precautions may change depending on guidance from the Monroe County Community School Coproration and other governing agencies,"  Moore said.  "But I think these regulations will get us started and we can modify from there as needed."




Effective July 1, 2020 Until Revised or Rescinded


Daily before Arrival:


  1. Students and staff members self-screen for symptom of COVID 19.  If symptoms are present, stay home.


  1. Employees and students may be excluded for 14 days if they recently had contact with a person who has confirmed case, if someone in their home is being tested, or if they have recently travelled to a “hot spot.”


  1. Custodians will clean as per directions from MCCSC Building Operations.




Upon Entry:


  1. All persons (students, staff, and others) will wear a face covering when entering the building. If they are not wearing one from home, they can use one provided at Entrance 1.


  1. After moving into the hallways, all persons (students, staff, and others) will wash their hands.


  1. Signage will give directions about wearing a face covering, washing hands, and distancing.



In the Classrooms and Elsewhere in the Building:


  1. Occupants wear face coverings at all times.


  1. Try to arrange seating so students are facing the same direction and distanced if possible.


  1. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available. Limit the sharing of equipment and supplies.  Ask students to use a disinfecting wipe on shared equipment supplies (e.g., calculators, keyboards) before and after use.


  1. We will give all students distance learning activities (e.g., Burlington English, PLATO Edmentum, Canvas, pencil-paper) as part of our regular instruction so we can “pivot” easily to all distance education if we have to.