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Weather Related Delays and Cancellations

As we enter the time of year when the weather gets foggy, or snowy and icy, please remember to check the TV and radio stations for a 2-hour delay or school cancellation.  We are Monroe County Community Schools; we are not Monroe-Gregg.


If you’ve opted in to Skylert on Skyward Family Access, you should receive a call or text in the event of weather delays or cancellations. Please update your phone numbers on Skyward Family Access.


You can can check our homepage or the MCCSC website ( and the stoplight in the upper right: red = school is cancelled, yellow = school is delayed, green = school starts at the regular time.

On a delayed schedule, buses will arrive approximately 2 hours later than they normally do and school will start at 10:00 am. Questions about buses should be directed to MCCSC Transportation at 812-330-7719.


The MCCSC calendar does have built in snow days this year on Friday, December 20, and on Monday, February 17.  We will not have school on these days, unless MCCSC decides we need to use them for prior snow day cancellations.  


Please call our office if you have any questions.