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Tips for the Tri-North Trojan

                           TIPS for the TRI-NORTH TROJAN


WHERE DO I GO WHEN I GET TO SCHOOL?  When you arrive at school in the morning enter through the main entrance and wait in the cafeteria or the auditorium. Breakfast is available for purchase in the cafeteria. You will be dismissed with enough time to visit your locker before your first period class.  Supervision for early arrivals begins 30 minutes before school starts.


HOW DO I OPEN MY LOCKER?  Your locker number and combination can be found at the top of your class schedule. Write your combination down somewhere that only you know where it is. Clear the lock out by turning the knob clockwise (to the right) at least three times. Keep rotating to the right until the notch on the lock is pointing to the FIRST number in your combination. Turn the dial counterclockwise (to the left) past the SECOND number ONCE and stop when the notch is on the SECOND number the second time around. Twist the dial clockwise (to the right) and stop when the notch is directly above the THIRD number. Then push the black latch up to open the locker. Sometimes going a little beyond the THIRD number helps. If you can’t open your locker, ask a teacher or administrator nearby for help. For chronic locker issues, please visit the Attendance Office.


WHAT IS “TIE”?  TIE stands for Tutorial, Intervention, and Enrichment. It is a time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when you are assigned to work with specific teachers. If you are caught up with your work, you have the opportunity to sign up for exciting enrichment sessions. You will sign up for TIE sessions during your 5th period class a few days beforehand. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, you go to your first period class where you’ll be shown which session you will attend. Then you are dismissed to your sessions and return to 1st period after TIE.


WHEN DO I EAT LUNCH AND WHAT DO I DO WHEN I GET THERE?  Students are divided into A, B, and C lunches depending on your schedule. Look for a letter next to your 5th period class on your class schedule. At lunch, you should sit at your table first. When you are quiet for any announcements, the lunch supervisor will dismiss students by tables starting with a different table each weekday. Lunch procedures will be explained in detail the first few days of school. Lunch payments should be made to the cafeteria staff BEFORE school during breakfast time.


WHAT IS “ARMOR”?  ARMOR stands for Attitude, Respect, Maturity, Ownership, and Responsibility. This is our expectation for our students and our culture here at Tri-North.  Your name may be entered for weekly ARMOR awards if a teacher observes you displaying these qualities. Teachers can also nominate you for a Star Student breakfast that we have each grading period.


WHERE DO I GO AND WHAT DO I DO AFTER SCHOOL?  After 7th period dismissal, FIRST wave bus riders should go to their lockers and head outside immediately.  Walkers, car riders, and SECOND wave bus riders should go to their lockers and then to the gym. In the gym, please sit on the floor and wait to be dismissed. If you have athletic practice later in the evening you cannot stay after school unless your coach has arranged a supervised study hall. 


HOW DO I GET SCHOOL EMAIL?  Every student has a school email account.  It is their computer login (name & numbers)  You should check this account periodically for messages from teachers, overdue library notices, and club information.


 WHAT IS “BELL WORK”?  Each class will start with bell work. You should walk into class, find the bell work expectations and get started immediately to maximize time on task. Be sure to show up with required materials so you are prepared to start on bell work.


WHAT IS “TNT” AND WHEN CAN I GET TO THE LIBRARY?  TNT stands for Tri-North Twenty. During your 5th period class, you will spend twenty minutes every day reading a book of your choice. Our library has a huge selection and our students look forward to the opportunity to getting lost in a good book every day. Make sure you swing into the library, either during lunch or before school, to pick up a book that you will enjoy. Ask any teacher or the lunch administrator for a library lunch pass if you want to visit the library during lunch. 


WHAT AM I ALLOWED TO BRING TO CLASS?  Arrive at each class with all of the materials you will need for that period, plus a book to read.  You need to make sure that hats, backpacks, and cell phones, iPods, etc. remain in your locker throughout the school day. If you have electronics other than your iPad in class, they will be taken to the office and your parents will be called to pick them up. For a second offense, they will be taken until the end of the school year. You may not bring food, drink, or water bottles to class.


WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ABSENCES?  Attendance is one of the most important things you can do to insure that you will be successful. Absences must be reported to the office by 9:00am. If you arrive to school late, after 8:00, then you must stop at the Attendance office to get a pass to class. If you know ahead of time that you are going to be absent for at least 2 days, you need to get a pre-planned absence form (PPA) from Attendance 2 weeks beforehand.  If you are absent for a full day due to illness you will not be permitted to participate in any athletic or after school events on that day. Any more than 10 absences during the school year will result in “unexcused” absences which lead to parent conferences and further consequences.


WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM TARDY?  You need to be seated in class and started on bell work to be considered on-time when the bell rings. Passing periods are four minutes long and give students plenty of time to get across the building. During each six weeks grading period, two tardies to the same class will result in a verbal warning; three tardies results in a parent letter; four tardies results in a discipline referral to an administrator, who will talk with you and determine if any discipline measures are warranted.


WHAT DO I DO IF I AM SICK?  If you start feeling ill during the school day you need to go to class first, and then ask your teacher for a pass to the nurse. If the nurse decides you need to head home, the nurse will call your parents to come pick you up. Do not go to the nurse during your locker break; check in with your teacher first. Do not call or text your parents; the nurse will make the phone call for you.


WHEN DO I GET AN IPAD? Each student is issued an iPad, cover, cable and charger at enrollment.  These 4 items must be returned at withdrawal or the end of the school year in good condition.  You must always have a headshot photo of yourself on the lockscreen of your iPad for identifying purposes.  You must bring your iPad everyday fully charged. Report damaged or non-working iPads to the Librarian or School Technology Coordinator.  Costs for damages or lost iPads will be billed to your family.


HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED IN SPORTS OR CLUBS?  Listen to the announcements each morning for opportunities to sign up.  In the past we’ve had Game Club, Garden Club, Drama Club, Y.E.S. Club (Youth Engaged in Service), Science Olympiad, and others.  Fall sports are Cheer Team, Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Cross Country, and Football; winter sports include Cheer Team, Boys & Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Swimming/Diving; and Track & Field is offered in the spring.  All athletes must have an annual sports physical packet on file in the office before participation.