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Box Tops for Summit!

Summit Elementary
Box Top Fundraiser
Please clip box tops coupons- each one is worth 10¢ for our school!
So easy-
•clip the box tops off of the package
•collect them in a bag
•send them to school with your student
We will have seasonal “box top collector” pages that your family may enjoy using to collect box tops. If you choose to use them, just tape the box tops to the page and return it once its full!
School wide contest-
Each quarter primary and intermediate grades will compete to see which class can collect the most box tops! 2 winners will be selected each quarter and the winning class will get to have a special day such as hat day, PJ day, etc.
Imagine what one child can do …
1 box top per month x 10 months=$1.00
5 box tops per month x 10 months=$5.00
10 box tops per month x 10 months =$10.00
Imagine what one school can do…
$1.00 x 600 students = $600
$5.00 x 600 students =$3,000
$10.00 x 600 students =$6,000
Visit for bonus offers, coupons, and more! Please sign up to support Summit Elementary!
Thanks for your support!