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Community Bulletin Board

Effective August 1, 2013, approved student or staff flyers from outside community organizations will be placed on the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s website on the Community Bulletin Board under the Families tab.

In the interest of our valuable resources and time, we will no longer disseminate a flyer to every student or staff member. We are pleased to offer this service and will continually encourage our parents to view the Community Bulletin Board. We value the information you provide for our school community,  and we look forward to our continued partnership with you.

Thank you for your support of the Monroe County Community School Corporation.

Approval Process - Send requests for distribution request along with a PDF copy of your flyer to Please include your contact information. Upon approval, you will be contacted and your flyer will be placed on our Community Bulletin Board. Allow (7) seven days for the processing of your request.
See the Community Bulletin Board in its entirety here under our Families tab here: Community Bulletin Board