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Thank You Fairview Methodist and Richard Lewis

Fairview United Methodist Church held a benefit concert Sunday, August, 25th in support of Fairview Elementary.  The concert which was supported by the Curry Fund for a Compassionate and Caring Community displayed an array of Arts by Fairview students and hosted the talents of four artists, Mr. Richard Lewis, Mr. Michael Borowitz, Mr. Robert Chafin, and Ms. Anna Singer. In addition to performing, Mr. Lewis organized and presented the program. Those in attendance offered free-will donations with 100% of proceeds being given to Fairview Elementary for their Artful Learning and Literacy programs.

Fairview Elementary staff and students offer a special thank you to Mr. Lewis for his efforts in organizing and hosting this program. A warm thank you goes out to the three other artists, Mr. Michael Borowitz, Mr. Robert Chafin, and Ms. Anna Singe for offering up their talents for this fundraiser.  This was the 9th year for the benefit concert and Mr. Lewis says, he is already organizing and planning the 10th anniversary of the event to be held on August 30, 2020!

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