• Code Name Komiko

    by Naomi Paul Year Published:

    Unlimited copies in Destiny Discover; Sixteen year old Lina, a dutiful daughter destined for a career as a concert violinist, leads a secret double life as a cyber hacker investigating corruption, and when she becomes involved in the investigation of murdered girl she finds her life in danger.

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  • Count of Monte Cristo

    by Alexandre Dumas Year Published:

    Unlimited Copies in Destiny Discovery; Nineteen-year-old French sailor Edmond Dantes is unjustly imprisoned on his planned wedding day, and after fourteen years of solitary confinement, a daring escape, hidden riches on the island of Monte Cristo, and a new identity bring him closer to a reunion with his love, Mercedes, and revenge upon his accusers.

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  • Little Women Collection

    by Louisa May Alcott Year Published:

    Unlimited Copies with Destiny Discovery; "This collection of works by Louisa May Alcott includes . . . the following books: Little women, Little men, Jo's boys, plus . . . Eight cousins, A modern Cinderella, [and] Flower fables, along with a book discussion guide and questions"

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  • Out of Darkness

    by Ashley Hope Perez Year Published:

    Unimited Copies with Destiny Discovery; Loosely based on a school explosion that took place in New London, Texas, in 1937, this is the story of two teenagers: Naomi, who is Mexican, and Wash, who is black, and their dealings with race, segregation, love, and the forces that destroy people.

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  • Runaway Story of a Slave

    by Dee Phillips Year Published:

    Unlimited copies on Destiny Discovery; "I was born a slave. I belong to the master. But tonight I will escape and I will never go back."

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