• Dr. Markay Winston
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
    Ext. 53532
    Dr. Debra Prenkert
    Director of Elementary Education
    Ext. 50223
    Kay Keck
    Curriculum and Instruction Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 53518
    Carol Gardiner
    Title I/Grant Coordinator
    Ext. 50500
    Angie Williams
    Title I Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 53517
    Kimberly Williams
    Coordinator of High Ability & Outdoor Education Programs
    Ext. 51029
    Choonhyun Jeon
    ELL, Cultural Competency & Diversity Coordinator
    Ext. 50231
    Theresa Malone
    Coordinator of Family Literacy
    Ext. 50055
    Judy Rush
    Assessment Coordinator
    Ext. 50232