September 28-October 2, 2020

    Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association, www.ala.org“

    Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association, www.ala.org

    Every year the JCMS Library celebrates Banned Book Week.  This week is organized by the American Library Association and American Booksellers Association.  We celebrate our Intellectual Freedom rights.  Each and every individual has a right to READ and LEARN and be INFORMED!  It is our duty to make sure we exercise those rights and what a better way then to READ a banned book. 


    Every year the American Library Association collects the titles of books that have been either challenged or censored. A book is challenged when an individual decides to exert their rights upon another person.  This individual makes a formal challenge and requests the removal of a book, a graphic novel, an audio book, a piece of music, a website, or even an image. Challenges go through a process and its fate is determined by whoever is in charge (a principal, a mayor, a governor, or even a president).  If a challenge is successful, the item is removed or banned and no one gets to read or access it.  If a challenge is unsuccessful, the item returns to its home and the public can enjoy it.   


    And every year the American Library Association publishes a list of the Top Ten Challenged or Banned Books.  In fact there are lists for all the books that have ever been censored and for what reason.  Because the reason is the scary part of Banned Books.  So why would someone try to stop you from reading or accessing something?  Check out some of the lists and why these books are on these lists.  Then read one and YOU MAKE THE DECISION! Should you read it or not- the choie is up to you.


    Top 10 Challenged or Banned Books for 2019

    Frequently Challenged Young Adult Books

    Frequently Challenged Children's Books

    Banned or Challenged Classics

    National Council of Teachers of English: Titles Challenged 2002-2018

    Banned and Challenged Comics






    TeenTober was created by the the ALA's Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).  This month-long event shows how teen services connect teens with services and materials provided by libraries that will help them develop new skills and fuel their passions. TeenTober merges Teen Tech Week™ and Teen Read Week™ into one program to celebrate teen services in libraries.  

    Every year in order to celebrate this event, JCMS' Library Media Center starts all of its library clubs.  Please consider celebrating this month by joining one of the various clubs offered by the school library.