• Advance College Project (ACP) 

    The Advance College Project (or ACP) is a program offered by IU through which qualifying high school students can earn college credit.   At participating high schools, students wishing to receive such credit have the opportunity to enroll in IU general education courses that are taught onsite by certified high school teachers who also hold adjunct lecturer status with IU.  ACP courses are actual college courses, and grades earned become part of a student’s official college transcript.

    At BHSS, qualifying students have the opportunity to receive IU college credit through ACP for the following courses:

    • English W131 Reading, Writing, and Inquiry
    • M118 Finite Mathematics
    • M211 Calculus AB*
    • M212 Calculus BC*

    In order to do so, students who have enrolled in the above courses must complete the following series of steps in order to become eligible.  Please be sure to read ALL of the below instructions, notes, and tips carefully as many students have failed to do so in the past and were unable to receive college credit for their ACP coursework.     

    *Can be taken as either an AP or an ACP course.  
    Important Information (Please note):
    • ACP’s acceptance standards require that you meet the below:
      • Be on a college-preparatory academic track
      • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or higher on a 4.0 scale
      • Receive necessary endorsements from teachers and counselors 
    • Tuition is $25 per credit hour or $75 total for a 3-credit course and $100 for a 4-credit course.
    • If you qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch, your tuition will be waived.
    • Your enrollment in ACP courses will result in an official IU college transcript, and your grade(s) will become part of your permanent college academic record. 
    • Acceptance to take ACP courses through IU does not equate to admittance to IU.  In order to achieve such admittance, students must apply to the Office of Admissions at their selected campus.
    • If you plan to attend IU, there is nothing you need to do to assure that your ACP courses are applied at IU; however, if you wish to attend another college or university, you will want to check on the transferability of these courses as transfer policies vary by institution.  The following is a helpful resource if you are looking to transfer credits to another Indiana college or university:  Indiana Core Transfer Library (CTL)
    • Students who receive an SAT verbal score of 670 or higher, an ACT English score of 32 or higher, or a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Language and Composition exam qualify for an exemption from basic composition at IU Bloomington. 
    • The IU bursar will send a bill notification to your IU email account.  Please allow up to 7 business days to view and pay your bill by logging into your OneStart account.  Additional information regarding bill payment can be found here:  Office of the Bursar
    • Should you choose to drop an ACP course, in addition to dropping it from your schedule at BHSS, you must also withdraw from the course at IU via the following website:  Drop or Add a Class.  In order to receive a tuition refund and avoid receiving a ‘W’ on your college transcript, you must withdraw by IU’s withdrawal deadline (as well as before the first trimester of a two trimester course ends).  For more information on IU's course dropping policy, please visit above referenced link. 
    • In accordance with state law, IU requires that you complete an affirmation if you are 18 years of age or older (or once you turn 18).  Should you turn 18 after you've registered, you will receive email notification that you must complete the affirmation, including instructions on how to do so.  This process only takes a couple of minutes.    
    Before You Begin:
    • When creating your IU IT (or OneStart) account and subsequently, registering for an ACP course, you will want to keep a record of the email addresses, usernames, and pass phrases used.
    • If you have already taken an ACP course or have taken a course through IU’s Open Program, you already have a 10-digit UID AND a OneStart account.  Therefore, you do not need to create a new account.
    • If you are taking an ACP course that begins during second or third trimesters, you are to register for IU's spring semester, the process for which begins in late fall or early winter.  
    • Please be sure to complete ALL of the below steps.  In the past, students have completed one or two of them and mistakenly thought they were done with the process, only to later discover that they were never registered.
    Registration Process:

    1.  Step One – PROVIDE PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS:    In order for ACP to initiate communication with you regarding the enrollment process, you must first provide your personal email address to either your ACP instructor or Mrs. Winckelbach in the Counseling Office.  

    2.  Step Two – RECEIVE EMAIL FROM ACP:  Once you've provided your personal email address, you should receive an email from ACP (as long as you meet the program's requirements) with detailed instructions on the following:

    • Creating an official IU IT (or OneStart account):
      • Please refer to the following instructions:  Setting Up Your First IU IT Account
      • Go to IU's Account Management Services to get started:  Create an Account
      • You will use this account to access your permanent IU records, pay your bill, verify your registration, and order your IU college transcripts when needed. 
    3.  Step Three – CONFIRM COURSE REGISTRATION:  Once you have completed the above steps, you can confirm your registration at https://one.iu.edu/ by logging in an selecting the Student Center icon under the academics tab.
    4.  Step Four – COURSE PAYMENT:  

    The IU Bursar will send a bill notification to your IU email account. You can go online to your IU account at https://one.iu.edu to view and pay your bill. The due date for ACP tuition will be October 10, 2015 for all campuses.