• Welcome to Bloomington South's Counseling Center

    Students are assigned a counselor alphabetically.  See assignments (by last name) below.

    How do I see my counselor?

    Students can stop by the Counseling Center between classes or ask their teacher if they can sign up to see their counselor.  The signup sheet is on a clipboard located on the welcome desk.  Once a student has signed up they should return to class.  Counselors will send a pass as soon as they are available. 

Name Position Extention Email
Lacey Grant Counselor (A-Cl) 50628 lgrant@mccsc.edu
John Livingston Counselor (Co-G) 51122 jlivings@mccsc.edu
Pat Cannon Counseling Director (H-L) 51187 pcannon@mccsc.edu
Joel McKay Counselor (M-Ri) 51018 jmckay@mccsc.edu
Susan DeVries Social Worker/Counselor (Ro-S) 53706 sfdevrie@mccsc.edu
Abby Wolfe Counselor (T-Z) 50685 awolfe@mccsc.edu
Julia Puntarelli Graduation Coach 51235 jpuntare@mccsc.edu
MaryJane McNabb Social Worker 51622 mmcnabb@mccsc.edu
Amy Coyle Counseling Assistant 50875 acoyle@mccsc.edu
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