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  • Attention 6th Grade Parents!

    Don't forget about the parent information meeting on Monday night, Jan. 22nd @ 5:00 pm in the Jackson Creek Auditorium. Your student received an information/registration packet on Friday. Here is a link to an electronic copy of that packet. They are due back to their Lakeview homeroom teacher on Friday, Jan. 26th. 

    Jackson Creek 7th grade registration info packet 2018-19






    Hello Lakeview Families!


    I hope the first half of the school year was filled with joyful learning and exciting opportunities, and that you were able to see growth in your child's academics as well as their social and emotional learning.

    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many of you during the first semester and I look forward to meeting all of the Lakeview families in the future. Educating and raising children is an important and challenging task that requires a team effort from families, schools, and the community. We appreciate your continued support, we value your feedback, and hope to make your child's experience at Lakeview Elementary the best it can be.

    When we return on Monday, January 8th, we will be operating with a new master schedule. This schedule will allow us to have a school-wide PRIDE time dedicated to enrichment and remediation, as well as common planning time for teachers in each grade level. Your child may have a new day and/or time for gym, art, music, and library, as well as an adjusted time for lunch and/or recess. Please make note of the new schedules below.

    Our second semester is going to be filled with many important and exciting events such as; Literacy Night, the Spring Book Fair, STEM night (now STEAM, to include the arts), ISTEP+ testing, and the spectacular Variety Show! Please be on the lookout for more information about these events in our Lakeview monthly newsletters. I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things our Lakeview students will learn and perform throughout the remainder of the 2017-18 school year.

    I hope your winter break has been restful and that you were able to spend time with friends and family making memories that will last a life time. Happy New Year!



    Mrs. Evans, Principal


    Lunch and Recess Schedule

    Specials Schedule by Teacher 














    Bus Riders


    Students who ride a bus to and/or from school will be dropped off in the south loop of the parking lot. Students will enter DOOR #10 and report to their classroom or breakfast in the cafeteria.



    Car Riders


    Pre-K and Kindergarten

    AM – Drop Off:

    Students in Pre-school and/or Kindergarten who are brought to school by car, will use the south parking lot and DOOR #6 (labeled with a STAR on the map) A teacher will meet you and your student at the entrance. Pre-K parents/guardians will proceed to the Pre-K room to complete the sign-in process. Any older siblings who ride to school in the same car with a Pre-K student or Kindergartener, will be greeted by the teacher on duty at DOOR #6 and may then proceed to their classroom.

    PM – Dismissal:

    The same procedures will apply for afternoon dismissal. Pre-K parents/guardians will use the south entrance and south parking lot. Pre-K parents will meet the teacher at DOOR #6 to complete the sign-out process. Kindergarten parents/guardians will use the south entrance and parking lot and will meet the teacher at DOOR #6 to pick up their kindergartener at dismissal time. Any older siblings who also ride home with a Pre-K or Kindergarten sibling, will be released from their classroom and will exit the building at DOOR #6. Please communicate with your older student’s teachers about their procedure/dismissal plan.



    Car Riders – Grades 1-6


    AM – Drop-Off:

    Parents/guardians who bring their student(s) to school by car, who are not in Pre-K or Kindergarten or their siblings, will use the north entrance of the parking lot and the north loop, closest to the main entrance. These students will enter the building through the main entrance at DOOR # 1 and proceed to their classroom or breakfast.


    PM – Dismissal – Pick-up

    Parents/guardians who pick up their student (grades 1-6) at the end of the school day will use the north end of the parking lot entrance and the north loop in the parking lot, closest to the main entrance. Parents/guardians will be given 2 orange name tags to place in a visible location their vehicle. Students in grades 1-6 who ride in cars will be waiting and called as their vehicle arrives in the loop.



    ***We welcome and encourage parents to be involved and to be a part of their child’s education. Parents are welcome to sign in the main office during the school day. Please communicate with your student(s) teacher(s) about how to schedule these times or the best times to drop-off items to the room.


    School Day Times: 9:00 am – 3:45 pm


    Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you!

    -Mrs. Evans, Principal







    Hello, Lakeview students & families! I look forward to meeting all of you very soon. In the meantime, here's a little bit about me.

    Meet the Principal


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