• Transportation Info Flyer


    Transportation Pathway

    Introduction to Transportation (9-12)

    Length of Course: 1 year (Block)

    Describes a variety of engine types including: automotive, motorcycle, boat, and motor sport vehicles. Instruction includes operation, maintenance, and repair of engines. Students will also gain a beginning knowledge of basic tools utilized in this area of study.


    Recreational and Mobile Equipment I (11-12) 

    (future HHCC course)

    Dual Credit: Ivy Tech (credit pending)

    Length of Course: 1 year (Half Day)

    This course introduces students to fundamental concepts in the internal workings and operations of engines. Training will cover hydraulics, cooling and electrical systems, and other engine components. Students will explore the interrelatedness of these systems by examining and identifying the commonalities and differences between the various engines that power recreational and mobile equipment.


    Mr. Scott Bradley